boring school lunches and other boo boos

boring school lunches and other boo boos

I volunteer in the Big Sister’s class room on Wednesday afternoons.  This week, while supervising rectangles, the Big Sister’s teacher asked me not to lean over – I was exposing a little too much boosie for the classroom.

It was said kindly, but I was embarrassed and was feeling very self conscious on the drive home.  It hadn’t been my intention to give a bunch of five-year-olds an eye-full.

When we got home that afternoon, the Big Sister drew this picture. It didn’t help the situation any.

What's this, Mum?

What’s this, Mum?

My local newspaper was kind enough to run an article about me and Flossie, my digital magazine for iPad, this week.  You can read the full article here.  The author, Anne Snell, was very kind.  I do feel I need to clear up one thing though – if you’re after exciting lunchbox choices, you’re in the wrong place.  There are people who are passionate about making rice pandas with nori eyes and carefully packing bento-style lunches for their kids.  I am not one them.  My kids eat boring school lunches.  Today, I even granted the Big Sister’s request for processed meat, ugh!

the big sister's lunchbox

This is today’s boring school lunch

I was relieved when the Big Sister declared her picture was a fairy and not Mummy helping with maths.

If you’re reading this Mrs S, you’ll be glad to hear I’ve invested in a turtleneck for next week.

boring lunches or bento?

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  1. 1

    Naww I really felt for you reading the boosie faux pas – but laughed very loudly at the little piccy your daughter drew. Fantastic. Don’t be so hard on yourself – no-one is infallible.
    (PS) That lunchbox totally rocked by the way. How hard is it these days to keep up? Sheesh! Allergies, nut free.. It’s a tricky business. Go the cheese sanga!! Gluten Free of course 😉 Tara x

  2. 3
    moodiefoodiejay says:

    Still giggling over that picture! Thank you for making my day:) Oh and by the way, I’m ashamed to admit it but I still love a devon and tomato sauce sandwich the day after the night before…… Have a good one xox

  3. 5

    Oh you poor thing!! However at least you are lucky enough to be gifted in that department! A am not!! I am so glad to see that you make boring lunch boxes too! I haven’t got nearly enough patience (or skill) to make those beau fully presented bento boxes!!

    I’m sure Mrs S will be very happy to have you back in the class next week xx

  4. 7

    Oh that is quite funny but I feel for you, there’s been times when I’ve been saying goodnight to Hunter and he’s been transfixed by my bazookas! And I’m actually VERY VERY happy to have a fellow boring lunch maker, ours are the same boring sandwich and stuff. No time for dressing up food, I can barely dress myself nicely! xxx

  5. 9

    Love it Amanda! But, I did think that was your daughter’s drawing of a very impressive boob job.
    And I’d hardly call that lunchbox boring, I would be quite proud if I’d sent that one to school. x

  6. 11

    Oh hubby and I are still wiping the tears from our eyes from laughing so much -the anecdote and matching drawing are priceless!! Mr P is still asking why would you write “I love sheep” on a banana? After seeing how kids treat their school bags I’m pretty sure those bento-style lunches never get unveiled at morning tea in the same condition!! Thanks for a very humorous start to our morning :-)

  7. 13

    That picture is hilarious! Kids just say it as it is!

  8. 16

    Your daughter’s picture is GOLD! Cracked me right up. And that lunch is far from boring. In fact your clever use of a cookie cutter to disguise devon as a gingerbread man is genus!

  9. 18

    LMAO I think that picture is the BEST! You have to frame it boosie lady. bahahaha 😉 xx


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