six things I learned this weekend – Voices of 2014 launch

six things I learned this weekend – Voices of 2014 launch

I was sitting having lunch with family after Ant and Flic’s wedding a few weeks ago, when my Aunt, Merilyn, asked if Mum and I would be heading to Sydney again this year for the launch of Voices of 2014.  I shook my head, we weren’t. The Launch was just two weeks away and I’d decided that we simply had too much on April.

Merilyn didn’t say a word, but she sat back in her seat, tilted her head a little sideways, raised half an eyebrow and gave me the look.  She’s been giving me this look since I was a little girl.  One glance said

are you certain you can’t fit it in?
making the top 90 blogs in Australia is a big deal.
how many opportunities like this do you really get?
take your Mother on a girls weekend.
you had such a beaut time last year.

It was a slow-burning look.  It took a week, but it worked.  I put the hard word on Bearhands and he agreed. Mum and I headed to Sydney again early Saturday morning for the Voices of 2014 launch party.  Every year Kidspot make a list of their favourite Australian blogs and Cooker and a Looker was lucky enough to be included again this year.  I’m still pinching myself that all of the possibilities this blogging caper has opened up to me.voices of 2014 launch party

Six things I learned this weekend:

  1. I want to be a COP when I grow up.  Sneh Roy, the lady behind Cook Republic and now author of Tasty Express was wrapping up a talk when she said that her big advice for being creative was COP.  Be Consistent. Be Original. Be Persistent.  I’ll be doing my darndest.
  2. Facebook likes short links.  Apparently if I use a link like this instead of a link like this  Facebook will show it to more of the people who ‘like’ Cooker and a Looker.  I don’t use short links because I figured people would be less inclined to click a link that gave no inkling of it’s destination, but I’ll give it a burl this week.
  3. Din Tai Fung make the best soup dumplings I’ve ever eaten.  Aleney from Boy Eats World wasn’t mucking around when she suggested this joint.  Michelin star dumplings? Amazeballs.din tai fung. Best eva!
  4. Every girl should have her own personal makeup artist.  My mate, Robyn from Mrs D plus 3 was a fancy pants make-up artist in a previous life.  She tarted me up good and Mum and I learned a few new tricks while she did.mrs d plus 3 and I
  5. Thai masseuses kneel on you. No joke. Kneecaps in bum cheeks people!  Before we headed home on Sunday, Mum and I hit Chinatown for yum cha and a massage.  I spent the whole half hour wondering if Mum would still be capable of walking at the end.  She was.
  6. Flying alone is THE BOMB.  I had a beer, ate some pretzels, did a crossword, bashed out this blog post.  crosswordSeriously, I’m thinking about making an annual habit out of it – no further looks required Merilyn!

do you click short links?
ever had a thai massage?


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  1. 1

    Yay! Congratulations on your well deserved success!

  2. 3

    Good on you for making the trip down. I didn’t know Thai massages included knee caps in the bum cheeks. Will remember this should I ever go to get one! Love that photo of you and Robyn. Just gorgeous!

  3. 5

    Good to catch up. Ill be in touch in the next few data

  4. 7

    I’m thrilled you managed to find time to experience the taste sensation that is Din Tai Fung and thanks for the heads up about the knees on, vis a vis the Thai massage. Congrats on your nomination and so pleased you had fun Sydney side xx

  5. 8

    Go you!! Making the cut again this year! Interesting about the short links,
    I’ll give it a burl too! X

  6. 9

    Ha ha knees in your back – you looked awesome and I’m so glad you guys had such a great night, we had intentions of coming but it just wasn’t meant to be, sad as I missed a great night out it seems. Onwards and upwards for you lovely, watch out world! I can’t wait to say I’ve known you for almost as long as you’ve been blogging :) xx

  7. 10

    I click on short links if they are from a trusted source (like yourself) and if the text with them isn’t spammy or seems like click bait.

  8. 12

    Im the same with thinking people want to see where a link leads them, very interested to hear how your short links experiment goes!

  9. 14

    I didn’t know Robyn was a make-up artist! How cool is that?

  10. 16

    Yay for you! Was so excited to see you made the Top 30 – what a thrill & so well deserved. You look stunning, as does. Robyn. Looks like an awesome master class & it was a great night had by all.

    I love the COP idea – such a fab way to keep focused! xx

  11. 18

    How cool was it to meet!?! Highlight for me for sure. x

  12. 20

    I’m with Tegan, I will click a short link if it’s from someone I know and I’m positive they haven’t been hacked! I’ve been using the short links this week too and I definitely think it makes a difference. I’ve been using Googles link shortener ( which also gives you some analytics on how many times people click on the link and where from. It’s pretty cool and handy.

    Congratulations on being nominated again, it’s well deserved!

  13. 22
    Rebecca Stephens (@LighterMum) says:

    Yes, I click short links! I use the bitly short links. And no, I’ve never had a Thai massage:-) I’m loving all the updates from Voices 2014, thanks for this! Flying alone sounds HEAVENLY. Bec x

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