famous friends + cool companions: Stoffel the Honey Badger

famous friends + cool companions: Stoffel the Honey Badger

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed this morning when I noticed a post from I really really love science* going viral.  I knew instantly that the amazing Honey Badger Houdini was a little mate that I met in South Africa.

Bearhands and I had our first big overseas holiday in September 2004.  He met me in Johannesburg after I finished a stint in Madagascar for work.  We hired a little car, which we nicknamed the Golden Mole, and we set about establishing our road trip roles.  I’m the navigator and he’s the driver.

We met Stoffel the Honey Badger in Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre.  His ability to escape from his enclosures was already legendary.  Honey Badgers have a pretty fierce reputation, but Stoffel was a pussy cat.  Especially compared with the lioness we met next.  I seriously began to doubt the Dutch after a fellow visitor to the park saw fit to tickle the towering lioness’ nose through the fence with a feather.

Bearhands and I grew up and became turf farmers.  Stoffel grew up to be the star of a BBC show, because he is a GENIUS!  You can see more of his incredible escapology in the video below.

* Totally not the real name of the page, but my Nanna only just started reading the blog again after the last time I supposedly dropped the F bomb!

do you have a famous fate

are you the navigator or the driver?


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    I Forking love science – like totally the best thing going around FB. I’m really jealous of this adventure. I would have loved to have met Dadabs in an exotic location but alas I met him on RSVP.

    • 2

      Whoops! I’ve mislead you Mumabs. Bearhands and I met at a ball in the January, he flew over and met up with me in Jo’burg. I also forking love science, would you believe that Stoffel got 35K shares yesterday? If there’s one thing better than a honey badger its a viral honey badger!

  2. 3

    What an awesome experience that must have been, oh how I wish I could transport myself there right now – stuck inside working on a gorgeous day – YUK! Science rocks my world also. Love the car, bet it has some stories to tell :)

  3. 5

    Please forgive me for being forward but you are indeed a “looker”……
    and you have great receipts!
    Australia and South Africa are known for beautiful country and beautiful women.

    Ok..one more time….please forgive me and no disrespect intended.

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