Salt & Pepper Prawns with Lemongrass Mayonnaise

Salt & Pepper Prawns with Lemongrass Mayonnaise

Here’s the second recipe instalment for Cooker and a Looker’s Keeping Christmas Merry Menu.

But before we get started, Enid Bite’Em asked me what I’d like for Christmas this year – she says that there’s no wish too big.  So here for your reading pleasure, in order of increasing unlikelihood,  I bring you my top five Christmas wishes:

 1. a fun day with my family creating new Christmas memories in Mum & Dad’s new house.

2. a successful 2013 with enough challenges and excitement to keep everyone everyone on their toes.

3. Paul Simon to announce a tour that includes Brisbane instead of sneaking into the country, playing the Bluesfest and departing just as quickly, leaving me broken-hearted.  I am, after all, still crazy after all these years.

4. Johnson and Johnson to agree to join the Medicines Patent Pool.  The Medicines Patent Pool has been set up to increase access to more affordable versions of HIV drugs, including multiple medicines in one pill, and to develop much-needed paediatric HIV drugs.  In a nutshell, the Pool would license patents on HIV drugs to other manufacturers and the resulting competition would drop prices, making them much more affordable in the developing world.  Johnson and Johnson hold patents on three key new HIV drugs desperately needed throughout the developing world.  Despite the best efforts of MSF and the Stop AIDS campaign, J & J refused to license these patents to the Medicines Patent Pool again this year.*

5. a cure for cancer.  Nuff said.

Salt & Pepper Prawns with Lemongrass Mayonnaise


24 green prawns, peeled and deveined.

2 tsp Sichuan peppercorns

1 tsp black peppercorns

1 tsp sea salt flakes

24 wooden skewers


2 tbs Gourmet Garden lemongrass paste

1 tsp lime zest

1 cup whole egg mayonnaise  (is there any other kind?)

1/4 cup shredded basil


Soak skewers in tap water for twenty minutes.  Soaking the skewers will discourage them from catching alight on the BBQ.

To make the mayonnaise, combine lemongrass pate, lime zest, mayonnaise, and basil.  Stir to combine and refrigerate until serving time.

In a mortar and pestle combine both peppercorns and sea salt.  Pound until the peppercorns are ground finely.  Last year, I misplaced my mortar and pestle – so I emptied the peppercorns out of my mill and used it as a substitute.  If you don’t have a mortar and pestle you might like to give this a burl too.

Thread the prawns onto the soaked skewers.  Sprinkle the prawn skewers with the pepper mixture and cook on the BBQ for 1 to 2 minutes (or until the prawns change colour).  Keep an eye on these bad boys – they’re best if you pull them off just as they’re ready – they’ll keep cooking for a little while after you take them off the BBQ.

Serve with the lemongrass mayonnaise for dipping and some lime or lemon wedges on the side and watch them disappear!

So now you know what’s on my Christmas wish list, tell me – if you could have anything in the world what would you wish for?


* This wish would require Johnson and Johnson and their shareholders to take one for the team planet, and sacrifice some profit for the greater good.  It’s unlikely to happen, but if by some random chance Messers Johnson are reading this blog post, I have a proposition for you: If you decide to join the Patent Pool Party, I will dedicate this blog and every post on it to spreading the word about your good deeds and wonderful corporate citizenship.  It’s a big carrot.  Give it some thought,  Amanda xx

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  1. 1

    I learn so much in the blogosphere, I had no clue about the HIV medicinces. I hope that one comes true!

    I just cant get past the texture of prawns, I really tried to like them.. but it’s just, weird.

  2. 2

    Oh yum! They look amazing. And great wish list. A cure for cancer…what a fantastic Christmas miracle that would be eh?

  3. 3

    I applaud your being informed on the J&J medicines issue- big pharma really have a lot to answer for in the moral stakes. Seriously, how much profit do they want to make over and above helping people? Literally sickening really. As for the prawns- WIN. Saved for reference.

  4. 4

    C’mon J&J you know its a pretty good deal!

    As for the prawns …. what time is lunch i’m so there!

  5. 5
    Yvette Bowyer says:

    ohhhhh yummy yummmmmmy!

    #teamIBOT :)

  6. 6
    Chantelle Dalgarno says:

    How much pressure would it take for J&J to actually relinquish control over those patents, I wonder? How many people would have to sign a petition agreeing to boycott the brand before they finally realise it’s in their best interest?

    By the way – I’m coming for lunch. Save me some prawns!

  7. 8
    EssentiallyJess says:

    I’m personally not a prawn fan, but I reckon my MIL would love this, so I’m passing on the link to her. :)

  8. 10
    Seana Smith says:

    Hello, can I just congratulate you on those fab photos and the excellent use of text. I am inspired… but intimidated!! Looks fantastic and I am drooling as I type. Ditto by the way to the AIDS drugs and cure for cancer for good measure.

  9. 12

    I don’t like prawns but love the sound of the mayo. Think it would be nice with my fish! Thanks for sharing.
    PS hope J&J get their act together.

  10. 14
    Danya Banya says:

    It costs HUGE dollars to research and develop new drugs, and only a small percentage of drugs actually make it to market, and only a small percentage of those make the big dollars that everyone associates with pharma. Pharma companies deserve to make a profit, just like any other company, especially as they need to pay back the research costs and have enough for future research. I know that developing countries and HIV patients are a totally worthwhile cause, and it would be great for J&J to contribute, but I also think that people hold pharma companies to a higher standard than they hold other companies. If this cause is so important (and it totally is), then countries, governments should be footing the bill. Why are we expecting the shareholders of one company to be altruistic when shareholders of companies in other industries are allowed to be as greedy as they want to be?

    (Not trying to be offensive, just putting forward another point of view…)

    • 15

      Hi Danya,
      In addition to the very juicy carrot I’m dangling, J & J would be remunerated if they joined the Patent Pool. :)
      I’m not totally across the enormous problem of the AIDS epidemic in Africa, but I don’t think that the governments are in a position to pay. In 2009 it was estimated that 22.5 million people living in Sub-Sahara Africa were HIV positive.
      There’s a price precedent for HIV medicines – because Brazil and India didn’t grant patents on medicines and there was competition in production – first-generation HIV medicine prices dropped by more than 99%, from $10,000 per person per year in 2000 to less than $70 today. (That changed with the implementation of international trade rules through the World Trade Organization Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights.)

      Even at today’s rates and the 2009 estimate that’s $1,575,000,000. More money that I can comprehend!

      Finally, even if J & J maintained their patent and we magically found the money, I doubt they have the capacity to service the exponential growth of HIV in African nations. Just another reason why we need more that one manufacturer producing the three drugs for which they hold the patent.

      Thanks for commenting, I appreciate that not everyone shares my views (or my Christmas wishes).

  11. 16

    Amen to the cure for cancer – if only!
    And DROOL! OMG that sounds amazing. Thank you :)

  12. 17

    As my Sister in law has HIV, I’m all for you on that one. Fingers crossed, although I too don’t see it happening in the near future.
    Amen to the cure for cancer :)

    Visiting from #IBOT

  13. 18

    Yum!!! Wish I had prawns right now – just on lunch time!

    {Visiting from Blogs & PR}

    PS Love your blog theme – they didn’t have this one when I bought my Genesis theme

  14. 20

    Hi Amanda! Oh my goodness – my mouth is salivating after looking at your recipe and photos! I am going to print that recipe off. It looks like a keeper! :-) Love your Xmas wish. I recently did one too and a cure for cancer was one of my five. Wouldn’t that be wonderful if a cure could be found. Far too many people are dying too young. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! (found you via TTUT) xo

  15. 22
    blogsandpr says:

    Oh yumm, how good do those prawns look!

    I wish there was a cure for cancer – especially childhood, but I also wish that people could respect each other. All the best with your J&J wish

    Thanks for joining in with Talk to us Thursday (TUST)


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