five things I suck at

five things I suck at

1. throwing things

I throw like a girl.  I asked my Sister in Law, who has represented Australia in no less than three sports, for some pointers once.  Her first observation was “Well, you just look a bit floppy”.  And so ended the lessons.

2. choosing an avocado

Is it ripe? No?
Leave it and forget it, then put it in the bin.

3. driving in a straight line

This weakness didn’t become apparent until recently.  When we first bought the farm the harvester could be a bit unpredictable, so Bearhands would drive and I would fold or stack.  It wasn’t until after the Big Sister was born, that he started letting me drive.  We’ve never talked about it – so I can’t be certain – but I suspect this is his way of apologising for having giant baby genes.  There’s always a previous row to follow, so all I have to do is make sure I stay on course.

Then a few weeks back when Bearhands had a brief lapse in judgement and let me cut the first line in a new paddock.  I’m not sure what happened myself, but the result was less than spectacular.

things i suck at - Cooker and a Looker

doubt I’ll get a second chance

4. accessorising

This goes with that? Not in this house, Susan.

Bearhands thinks if I persevere with it, this look will really take off

Bearhands thinks if I persevere with it, this look will really take off

5. reversing a trailer

The last time I attempted to reverse a trailer I found myself wedged in the carpark of a local nursery.  I didn’t even make it inside to buy my freaking seedlings! When I discovered I didn’t have enough space to turn around, I tried a three point trailer turn and didn’t pull it off.  Panic set in. When I’d been stuck for so long that people started returning to their cars to discover that I was blocking their exit, I got myself into a right lather.  Memories of that morning still bring me to a cold sweat and I’ve avoided reversing a trailer again.  Until Saturday, when I will load the girls in the car from our camping holiday and pull the camper trailer down the highway in the direction of home.  I have three days of bliss before facing a morning of terror.  I’ve started quelling my apprehension with cold beverages.

what do you suck at?

is there are secret to avocado selection?


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  1. 1

    Doing craft with my daughter! I have the impatience of a three year old. X

  2. 2

    I also throw like a girl despite my husband representing South Africa in baseball and softball – he hasn’t managed to teach me how to throw – now K is a completely different story – she definitely throws like a boy !!!
    When I choose an avo I feel them – if they aren’t too hard or too squishy, I take that one and hope like hell it’s OK when I cut it !!
    Not sure about driving in a straight line – I can stay in the lines on the road so I fifure I do OK but I have never tried to cut the first row in a paddock so I could land up making nice wavy lines as well. I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler if that makes you feel better !!
    Accessorising ? What’s that ??????
    I’m happy if I can reverse my car – A would never ask me to try to reverse a trailer – he knows that it would not be a happy ending for anyone !!! If I only have to go forward I will probably be OK – heaven help us if I can’t do a HUGE big circle to get back to where I started !!!
    Enjoy the rest of your holiday and good luck with getting home with the trailer !

  3. 3

    Firstly, I would not even attempt to reverse a trailer so Respect to you. Things I suck at, things I suck at – there are so many that I could not possibly put them all down here – not to mention the shame of it all…… But as for choosing an avo? Press lightly down on the top end (skinnier end is it’s technical term) and if it’s softish, it’s probably right. Sometimes it works and sometimes it’s so incredibly disappointing that I want to cry. Ooooh, things that I suck at – giving advice on avocado selection xox

  4. 4

    Haha – reversing a trailer – I can relate to that one! If ever I have to face that one I do anything to make sure it is not a reversing situation! Also rings true for reversing a car!
    Cleaning windows – I try but it always just looks like I have moved the dirt around rather than removing the dirt! So our windows don’t get cleaned all that often.
    If you have an avo that needs a bit of ripening up – stick it with your bananas for a day or so – seems to ripen them up – there was a reason but I am currently claiming baby brain and can’t remember it! I figure this is a good place to store them too as I have a banana every day so I remember to check the avocado cause I see it every day!
    I agree with Bearhands about the thongs too – will only be a matter of time and honestly what is so great about a straight line – your effort was much more creative!

  5. 5

    Dadabulous is the master of choosing avocados (or any produce for that matter). Apparently it is all about squeezing it with just the right degree of firmness. You’d think I’d be good at that but sadly no.

  6. 6

    I throw like a girl but can throw far, but I just look silly. I also can’t accessorise or back a trailer without jack knifing it!! Love that pic of your driving in a ‘straight line’
    Not sure about avo selection, it’s hard one.
    I also suck at putting on the kid’s nappies at night, they always seen to leak through, sometimes to do with not pulling out all the safety layers? MEH – well that’s my excuse to get the hubby to do it!

  7. 7

    I suck at picking a ripe avo too…so much so, that now I buy that avo spread in the deli section. Not quite the same, but at least it’s always ripe. I also suck at reversing a trailer. Tried it once with a boat on the back and let’s just say, we’re lucky the boat was able to actually be put in the water afterwards. Ironing, being able to help my son with maths homework and blogging often enough to get anywhere with it are also things I pretty much suck at. On the plus side, I never pay full price for anything, can whip up a killer banana cake and have the clothes in my wardrobe organised by colour and season, so I’m not completely useless 😉

  8. 8

    I not only throw like a girl but run like one too. As for reversing, kudos to you for even attempting it with a trailer, I struggle out of my street in a hatch back :-)

  9. 9

    Hahahaha that is SO funny, coming from over 13 years in Bundaberg with a partner working on farms that whole time and having driven a tractor with him and remembering his great pride in his straight lines and having seen many a farm with crooked lines this gave my morning such a giggle!!
    I really know that trailer one too, once, when I was young, I though I could move myself, hire a very long trailer for less trips (even worse idea) and move house – yikes!! I was so not good at it, even had a random stranger offer to take the wheel at one point as I was trying to get it up my flat’s driveway – embarrassment!

  10. 10

    EVERYTHING! Except academics. I suck especially hard at throwing and sporty-type thingies.

  11. 12

    I disagree you are EXCELLENT at accessorizing! Excellent I tell you! I suck at keeping house, remaining focused, being fit, eating healthy. ALL OF THE THINGS!

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